Nil Ram is a well-established business, founded in 1975, with over 30 years of experience and excellence in the areas of food machinery and machining. Nil Ram is managed by Natan Dozeli, himself having five decades of experience in machining (including registered patents in the field).

The company's main specialty is the design and manufacture of a wide range of food machinery of the highest standard: sauce pumps, pizza dough equipment, falafel makers, pizza slicers, etc. In addition, the company manufactures all the equipment needed to fit the food processing machinery in various kitchens. The food machinery is marketed locally and internationally (specifically the falafel makers).

Nil Ram does classic machining as well: grinding, milling and manufacturing molds and dies.

The company's customers come mainly from the food industry, among them : institutional kitchens, coffee shops, falafel stands, restaurants, etc., as well as select customers such as the Ministry of Defense, army bases, hospitals, hotels, banquet halls and many more..

Nil Ram - Falafel Machines

Food machine for the production of falafel

Food Machines | Falafel Machines

Food Processing Machinery
the mixtures of various kinds of food is done in food processing
machines. The machines are easy to use and operate, fit the modern
kitchen and labor saving. Put the desired mixture into the container and
the compressing spoon forces the ingredients into the pan producing the
desired shape.

The machines can be programmed to request, to
produce a wide variety of different kinds of food – falafel balls,
ground meat, fish and meat patties, gefilte fish and more.
Each machine weighs approx. 30 k. and can make up to 80 falafel balls or 40 meat patties a minute!

The machines can be ordered individually or in varying quantities as
requested. Nil Ram provides professional, efficient consultation and
guidance from the planning stage to receiving the finished product. The
machines come with accessories according to the needs of the customer
and the lay-out of the kitchen, for example: conveying tracks, special
carts, etc

12 month guarantee on the falafel maker.
Repair service after the 12 month guarantee.

Food machine configuration
Power Size Cooking speed
1400RPM Weight: 30 Kg 40 meat loaf in 1 minute
80 falafel balls in 1 minute

Food Machines

Sauce Pumps
Nil Ram manufactures stainless steel sauce pumps for use at food counters, restaurants and fast food diners.
Advantages of the pumps:
• not open to the air, retaining the quality of the sauce
• covered, preventing bugs getting in the sauce
• especially for restaurants with a large turn-over of customers who use sauces
• easy to use and clean
• 12 month guarantee

Pizza Dough Equipment
Nil Ram's pizza dough equipment is a unique stainless steel dough roller. The machine can roll dough to a 45 cm. circumference, and is especially suited to pizzerias needing dough quickly, efficiently and of varying thicknesses. The machines are heavy duty and can supply quality dough in a short time.

Service Agreement
Nil Ram aims to lead in quality service, and provide their customers with a positive buying experience: personal service to every customer, various solutions of the highest standard and a full guarantee for every product.
Accordingly, we promise:

• to learn and understand the needs of every customer and to act incessantly to fulfill customer satisfaction
• to treat the customer courteously and respectfully, from the standpoint of trust and cooperation
• to give the customer personal service and fit the nature of that service to his needs
• to take care of each question as quickly as possible and to the highest standard possible
• to develop a long-term relation with the customer, after purchase as well.

This agreement, to which we put our signatures, represents our point of view regarding our service.
We promise to constantly continue to improve

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